Dear BÜSE friends,

125cc boom! Thanks to the new B196 regulation, more and more motorbike enthusiasts are finding their way to the two-wheeler. Whether as an inexpensive commuter vehicle or as the fulfilment of a long-cherished dream.

Last year alone, almost 80,000 motorists cleared the hurdle to the "small" motorbike licence with the simplified upgrade test from a car driving licence to a 125cc licence. This trend continues unabated this year.

This development is also confirmed by the new registrations. In 2020, nearly 80 % more new light motorbikes were registered compared to the previous year. It is to be expected that in the coming years there will be numerous newcomers who will continue their newly discovered hobby with more powerful motorbikes.

This underlines the fact that despite the annual discussions about motorbike noise and alternative drives, motorcycling is still a dynamic and emotional hobby.

Depending on the type of rider, different demands are made on functional motorbike clothing. This is also reflected in our latest collection. Whether it's a cool retro look or a multifunctional travel suit - our clothing is CE-certified and meets the highest requirements in terms of protection and comfort. But our focus is not only on people, but also on machines. With the introduction of the revolutionary REGINA HPE chain, the history of the secondary drive has been rewritten. Low maintenance and best power transmission make cardan or belt drive real competition. Convince yourself of the chain revolution!

Do you have ideas or criticism? Enter into dialogue with us! We always have an open ear!

We wish you a beautiful and winding new season with unforgettable motorbike moments. See you on the road!

Your Heino Büse, Ralf Baches and the entire BÜSE team

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